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In February of 1978, Meg F. Black was born in Fukuoka Japan, pencil and paper in hand. Her talents recognized at an early age, this Aquarius would receive private schooling at the highly specialized Dazaifu High School of Design. Here she won several awards in the field of art and graphic design. Already she found one of her designs plastered all over Japan in the form of flyers and billboards for a nation-wide promotion for disaster prevention. She never looked back.

While honing her skills and finding her own styles, Meg immediately went to work in the ever-popular field of animation. Other talents were quickly noted and put to good use. She found herself not only creating the art that would show up on Saturday morning cartoons, but also doing voice-over for several popular characters as well as singing the scores for several animated series. Her voice talents also crossed over into video games as well.

Tucking these varied and exciting experiences under her belt, Meg packed up her pens and brushes and headed for the land down under. She attended Martin College of Graphic Design where she received her diploma and was heavily recruited for both printed and digital media outlets. Vogue Magazine and Marie Claire enjoyed her cutting edge layout skills among others. Not wanting to miss out on any experience, she also lent her layout skills to the Australian Telegraph, a popular newspaper, as well as various advertisements for K-Mart and the like. A classically trained pianist herself, Meg also enjoyed designing artwork for opera houses and various music publishing houses in the form of CD covers, flyers, brochures, and other marketing and publicity publications.

Eventually Japan welcomed her home, and Meg immediately went to work for Toppan Printing Company, one of the three largest printing companies in Japan with an international presence. Even though she found herself doing "practical and professional" work in the form of corporate logos, mail-order publications, billboards, and business Web sites, she still found time to put out impressive work on her own. This earned her spots in two exhibitions in SoHo, New York. She has worked on a contract basis in Japan until recently. This also allowed her to work on various projects with her friends and plot out her future and the future of her artwork.

Having traveled throughout Asia, Australia, and Europe, Meg now resides in the United States where she continues to pursue her artistic goals while working to promote Rendragon Studios. What you see here is a sampling of her work and a sort of personal space for her as she continues her successful career. If you would like to commission her work, she encourages you do so through Rendragon Studios.

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