This is flyer for artist friend "Amane Rin".

Nail Salon of "Furie" logo.

This is advertisement of restaurant "Rokkanjyo".

This is Sake label design. "Rokkanjyo"

Logo for "SpaceChameleon" Design Studios.

Logo for "SPACH" a management consultant office.

Nail Salon of "Frangipani" logo. How are you, Igata-san?

Sy'z 2nd Pub Grand Opening flyer.

"Backstage" restaurant lunch time welcome board.

"Backstage" restaurant lunch time poster.

"Frangipani" nail salon price list.

Zouk Darts Bar opening flyer.

Sy'z 2nd opening flyer.

Frangipani Nail Salon, namecard, sticker, small flyer